Farewell with request for prayers

This is my final blog as the doctors and the respiratory team have advised that I do not have much time left to live due to the fact of being in the end stages of COPD as well as cancer of the lung.
I am hopeful that I shall be admitted to Our Lady’s Hospice in Dublin in the next few days. A friend shall drive me and accompany me on the boat from Holyhead.

The hospice was founded in the 19th century by the Irish Sisters of Charity. It is very Catholic and has daily Mass. It does not yet have internet, hence this will be my last blog.
As I say farewell I ask you to pray for me and for all who are preparing to meet God.

May Almighty God bless you and yours.

24 thoughts on “Farewell with request for prayers

  1. Father, you have my prayers. God bless you and guard you on your journey, and may our dear Lord keep you always and receive you with his unbounded love.

  2. God bless you Fr Eamonn. May the Lord fill you with grace and strength as you prepare to see him face to face! May you receive his abundant and healing mercy during this year of mercy. May our Lady hold you close to her immaculate heart until she brings you to the throne of her Son Jesus, our merciful Judge and Savior. Prayers being said. Peace be with you.
    – Mar

  3. Dear Father, God bless you and keep you ever more closely in His loving care during this poignant but very precious time. For years you have been in my daily prayers, and that will continue.
    With great affection,
    Dorothy B

  4. Farewell, good man. Rejoice in your faith, and as you are received into Our Lord’s loving arms, please remember we poor sinners left behind. Prayers and blessings.

  5. Prayers for you… All will be well. You will run into the arms of Jesus and Mary as they welcome you home. It’s going to be beautiful. Say one for us !

  6. Thank you, dear Father, for being a faithful labourer in the Lord’s vineyard over the years. Your work continues as you join your sufferings to the passion and cross of Jesus and many blessings will flow from your sacrifice. I will pray for you Father and commend you daily to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  7. God bless you Father as you begin the greatest journey. I believe I had the pleasure of meeting you some years ago at an LMS training period at Ushaw College in Durham. I will remember you in my prayers & Masses so please remember me in yours

  8. God bless you dear Father Eamonn, and be assured that you will have many prayers from us in Abergele’s St Therese Parish where we remember you with love and thankfulness. Please pray for us as well when you reach Heaven. Lots of love from Bryony and all the others that I will tell you are signing off. We all remember your homily telling us that Our Lady holds the back door of heaven open for those of us whom St Peter may frown upon. Look out for us arriving there! x


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